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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is POST2ME?

    POST2ME is a third-party fulfilment warehouse for e-commerce and retail businesses. We help businesses pick, pack and ship their goods everywhere and anywhere.

  • POST2ME has a heavy focus on helping small ecommerce business grow. Going beyond being just an ecommerce fulfilment house, we provide users of our service with exclusive business building events and resources to help their business grow.

  • We are currently located in Gödöllő, Hungary

  • Our current warehouse is located in Godollo, Hungary.
    POST2ME is available to both local and international sellers.

  • Yes, you sure can! It’s simple. Once you create an account, instruct your manufacturer to send the product to our location.

  • POST2ME is the ecommerce fulfilment company for growing ecommerce stores. We help our users not only with picking, packing and shipping but also with resources, content and events that help our users grow and network with those in the ecommerce industry who can help make a difference.

  • POST2ME has a minimum requirement of 50 orders a month OR a total monthly fulfillment spend with us of HUF 100,000

  • To confirm if POST2ME is a viable option for your Ecommerce fulfilment you need to consider the following:

    How many SKUs do you stock at the moment
    Does the time used to fulfill orders stop you from selling more or being able to grow?
    Can I afford to pay someone to do this on my behalf?
    We believe that a healthy relationship between POST2ME and our users exist when the cost for POST2ME totals below 30% of the Average Order Value for a particular store.

  • Because there are so many combinations on how operations can be done with ecommerce which can in turn create a range of price matrix’s.
    We have distilled them to 4 main categories and they are:

    The Fulfilment of the Order
    The Storage of the Goods
    The Integrations of systems
    The Shipping Cost.

    Each one can be interchanged in a variable of ways and of the various businesses like POST2ME some will favour one over another. For POST2ME most of the cost pricing is within the fulfilment of the order and the integration of the systems and not make as much in the storage and shipping costs.

  • Warehouse Security. Our Warehouse is not open to the public and is under 24-hour surveillance. We’ve got it all: cameras, motion detectors, night vision, and alarms. We’re not taking any chances with your personal belongings.

  • POST2ME uses a combination of technology, people power and systems to easily match your growing volume needs.

  • We recommend that your goods come pre-barcoded with individual product barcodes and outer carton barcodes.
    But we are also aware that while building up and growing this is not always the case. So we do provide barcoding on arrival with the inbound processing phase. This does increase the time it takes to bring your goods into the warehouse for storage and shipping but it ensures that your goods are managed correctly each and every time.

  • Our current Maximum Space per user is 300m3.
    Our current Maximum Shipping Size per order is 800 kilograms.

  • POST2ME has very strong relationships with a range of freight/postal companies allowing us to offer you the best price/service according to your needs.
    Some of our partners include:

    Magyar Posta, Austrian Post, Asendia, Czech Post
    Foxpost, Packeta, PickPackPont
    DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS

  • Customers can simply return their items by sending it back to the POST2ME warehouse address.

  • Yes we do! We ship anywhere that you need your parcels to go. We also have great rates on international shipping.

  • We have a range of shipping options to suit your individual needs.
    Our standard arrangement is for Express Post shipping.